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Are These Accusations True About Boise Real Estate Agents?

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

Often a home buyer feels like they did not get what they paid for when they used Boise real estate agents, and this leads them to faulty conclusions about the industry as a whole. Who would buy the largest single investment of their life with someone they had doubts about? Finding a trustworthy real estate agent should not be that difficult, and it is not. Here’s a look at some of the most popular myths, and the truth behind them.

Myth #1: Boise real estate agents cannot make appointments on time

As with many other disciplines, you will find agents who do not appropriately spend your time, and consequently should not receive your business. Getting frustrated when someone does not behave responsibly will not help you sell your home, so interview another agent. Permitting an agent to demonstrate disregard for your time is not a good pattern to set early on. The most successful agents will show you the highest degree of consideration and respect, so do not mess with an agent who refuses.

Myth #2: Your real estate agent will have to change everything in their schedule to show you homes at the drop of a hat

With so many agents receiving their income from selling homes, the likelihood of having an agent refuse to show you a home is pretty low. Signing a Buyer Representation Agreement is one great way to ensure performance, if you are that worried about it. After all, agents can’t be expected to work for free and taking you to see a home without any contract or a possibility of earning a commission simply, is not good business.

Myth #3: Agents get kickbacks from lenders, inspectors and title companies

Agents cannot receive any pay from a third party to the purchase, so do not think that is a normal part of the business. The body of law that applies to this type of payment is called the “Real Estate Settlement & Procedures Act” and it has been on the books since 1974. While there may be some unscrupulous agents who still take kickbacks, most would not risk losing their license for a little extra money.

Myth #3: The agent who chooses the home inspector will have the favor in the inspection report

While your agent would certainly like to see the home come through with a favorable inspection, no reputable agent will want the inspector to put a stamp of approval on a home that does not deserve it. Finding an agent who is willing to close on a home that he is aware of issues with, without notifying the buyer, is a real rarity, as it should be. With the real estate industry being so competitive, there is very few agents who could hack any bad reviews of their services. Not being willing to stand before a judge for the paltry money they would receive from a transaction, Boise real estate agents will choose to be honest. Simply put, Boise real estate agents know it is best to fully disclose all of the details to a buyer The buyer has to address any of the major issues on the repair addendum to make sure they are done before closing.

Myth #4: Your agent will be able to tell you the ethnic and racial make up of any given area

Agents are prevented by federal law from telling you anything about race or ethnicity of any area you may be considering. Any topic that broaches racial inequality or has racist undertones is strictly prohibited, so do not open that can of worms. The best advice is to find out about religious concerns from people at your church, synagogue or mosque, and to leave your agent completely out of the discussion.

The same is true when it comes to providing information regarding school statistics and crime rates. Most Boise real estate agents do not hesitate to show you where you can find all of that information, if it is that important to you.

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