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Are These Claims Genuine About Boise Real Estate Agents?

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

There are many horror stories surrounding Boise real estate agents and the process of purchasing a home. Who would buy the largest single investment of their life with someone they had doubts about? Finding a trustworthy real estate agent should not be that difficult, and it is not. Take a look at these valuable tips designed to help debunk fact from fiction.

Myth #1: Boise real estate agents are always late to appointments

As with many other disciplines, you will find agents who are do not appropriately spend your time, and consequently should not receive your business. Getting frustrated when someone does not behave responsibly will not help you sell your home, so interview another agent. Don’t listen to excuses. The most successful agents will show you the highest degree of consideration and respect, so do not mess with an agent who refuses.

Myth #2: Your real estate agent will have to change everything in their schedule to show you homes at the drop of a hat

If you have a signed contract with a buyer’s agent or if the agent you have contacted represents the seller of the home, he or she will certainly show you the home you have requested to see. Otherwise, the agent is under no obligation to show you anything. Unless you agree to sign a representation agreement, the real estate agent should not be working with you at all, given they have no way to recover money for their time and resources they spend while with you.

Myth #3: Title companies and lenders are in cahoots with agents

Agents involved in the industry know the rules and this form of compensation is completely illegal and unethical. Since 1974, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, or RESPA, has made this process illegal. With their license on the line, most agents make far too much money to worry about getting a little kickback from the title company.

Myth #3: If the agent finds the home inspector, his report will show favor for it

You would be strapped to find an agent who would willingly aim for an incorrect home inspection report, or would try to cover up any key information from it. Finding an agent who is willing to close on a home that he is aware of issues with, without notifying the buyer, is a real rarity, as it should be. After all, a happy client is a client who will give a good recommendation to other buyers and sellers. Overlooking or suppressing material facts from the home inspection report is subject to legal recourse, so few Boise real estate agents would be willing to accept the risk. Simply put, Boise real estate agents know it is best to fully disclose all of the details to a buyer Before the close of the transaction. The seller will be required to make all repairs agreed to on the repair addendum.

Myth #4: Your agent will be able to tell you the ethnic and racial make up of any given area

Agents are prevented by federal law from telling anything about race or ethnicity of any area you may be considering. More specifically, any information that can be considered discriminatory cannot be discussed. The only viable answer to find a home in an area that you will most closely assimilate, like in an area that is mostly one type of religion or another, is to do that research before you start looking for a home.

You can see the conflict of interests if the agent were allowed to present crime statistics to scare you into a more expensive neighborhood, or into buying a home in a certain fire district. This information should be available for you at the request of your Boise real estate agents assistant or staff, as they cannot prevent from getting it either.

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