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Beginners Look At ETF Trend Trading

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

There will be a lot of different types of trading discussed when a person enters ETF. One of the often discussed types of trading is ETF Trend Trading. If you have taken a course or read about ETF trading, you already know that to be successful you need to do a technical analysis of a sector. This and other historical information helps you to spot patterns and trends in the sector in which you are trading.

If you have started trading and are doing the analytical work to spot trends and patterns, and are acting on those trends, you are already trend trading. It is not a secret strategy or way to conduct trades. A successful trader does their homework and acts on the trends that they see coming in the sector, or industry they are trading within. So, let’s take a look at trends and how you can use them more effectively.

There are different types of trends that a technical analysis can be used for. When a person does a three to five year analysis on a section they are focusing more on the short term. Short term indicators may show the changing trends, but those trends may be more affected by other variables in the current market and may have some false indicators that will not be helpful in reaching the kind of gains that a person is working towards.

It is very easy for a person to get caught up in the analytics of sectors when they are trying to make the most favorable trading decisions. In order to keep from being bogged down in the details and lose valuable time trading, it is a good idea to decide what type of ETF trend trading you are going to do as far as technical analysis and stick with it.

When a trend is analyzed that covers 1-3 years it is called a short term trend. Doing a short term trend analysis is effective is a person is working on a sector that introduces a product or makes a research discovery every one to three years. But, there are a lot more opportunities shown in that short term chart that one may miss if they have not done further research.

Long term trends cover a sector for a ten to thirty year period. Within that chart will be intermediate term trends that occur on a regular basis. Some sectors, especially financial products have more long term and intermediate trends than short-term trends in the market. By identifying the intermediate trends and using them in combination with short term trends a person has opened a whole new level of opportunities for making strategic trades and gains in their trading efforts.

Successful traders do not act without some background information on the sector in which they are trading. When a person hops in and out of trades without doing the research that is required to be effective, they may have some wins. But, they will have more lost opportunities than a person who knows when a trend is going to reverse and can take proactive steps before it starts to free-fall.

There are opportunities for individuals with long term ETFs to take advantages of trend trading as well. Even long term ETFs reverse course. If a person has done the analytics on a sector over a thirty year period and sees when the trend is going to reverse, they can take appropriate action before losing assets on the sector they are involved with.

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