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Beijing Mobile Started to Handle One-way Charge Meal

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

In the mobile phone users DuoNian call under, mobile phone one-way charge finally made substantial step. TheShanghai,tianjin,guangdong, mobile phone one-way charge package after next week officially landBeijing.Beijingmobile January 31, announced in February 8 started to handle 4 files new specials global. Mobile phone users to use this batch of called the “99” of the new chang listen to package, except to reduce make call charges outside, answer the local telephone will be completely free.


According to theBeijingmobile announced measures, global users will be able to in February 8 up to handle “chang listen to 99 formula”, and in three month formally went into effect. The launch of the package, 4 files to make a local call still take charge of form, flat-rate pro, respectively, 99 yuan, 139 yuan 280 minutes bag bag 560 minutes, 199 yuan, 299 yuan 1000 minutes bag bag 2000 minutes; And to answer the local telephone is completely free, and of any time limit.


Although Beijing mobile not even allude to the “one-way charge”, but according to the personage inside the telecommunications industry analysis, mobile and from other cities and provinces after the operation, it is in the same set of setting “free” project, avoid answering may touch the bottom line, make one-way charge policy become established facts. But there are also consumers think 4 files, despite the relatively high threshold set did one-way charge, but for at ordinary times the combined spending less users, choice relatively limited.


In addition to realize the one-way charge for the first time, the new package downs again the call’s due level. According to Beijing mobile announced charges of standard, and use this 4 files new packages make a local call, the caller unit price per minute 0.35 yuan respectively, 0.25 yuan and 0.2 yuan and 0.15 yuan, is slightly lower than the launch of the new 99 last year “formula”‘s due level(wholesale cell phone accessories). In addition, it is beyond the limits set the talking time, make a local call will also press the unit price for pricing in the package, and no longer distinguish when idle and busy.


The new package, call the domestic long distance call charges standard also synchronous cut. Users in the use of new package after internal IP long distance call 17951, its IP long distance fees will be from the current 0.3 yuan every minute of drop to $0.1 per minute, local basic telephony will be according to the set price of standard charges calculated separately(cell phone cases wholesale). This means that global users per minute in the future to 0.45 yuan to 0.25 yuan, the price of the long distance call home almost with existing local calls flat fees. From: cheap cell phone cases

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