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BlackHorse Fund is not your grandmother’s investment

Todays Date: November 16, 2018

July 28, 2009, Los Angeles California ” Grandmothers are not known for their risky investment behavior. They prefer safer bets, including keeping their money under the mattress. For that reason, BlackHorse Fund is probably not approved by grandmothers.

There are many kinds of investments out there ” some are safe and suitable for grandma while others are far more aggressive and serve a very different purpose altogether.

For grandmothers everywhere, BlackHorse Fund stands as a strange, complex entity. This private forex fund has the primary goal of growing the capital of its investors and it does so with a talented team and a proprietary algorithm.

The currency market is called the “forex” or “foreign exchange” market. BlackHorse Fund takes part by buying and selling currencies and cashing out when the values change. Trillions of dollars are traded in the forex market each day ” a number that would have grandma fanning herself vigorously. After all, she probably remembers when you could get a haircut for two bits.

The risks in this market are high, admittedly, for the unseasoned investor, and grandma’s biggest risk is staying up until 10PM to see a Matlock rerun. Her concerns wouldn’t be assuaged even if she learned that BlackHorse Fund used the strength of numbers in pooled money, and an experienced team, and a proprietary algorithm to help manage risk.

Seasoned experts and a proprietary algorithm are the secrets behind BlackHorse Fund’s success and dramatic rewards. Grandma may not understand or appreciate it but the private investors know that the combination of experience and algorithm holds a proven success record.

A successful track record is the reason that BlackHorse Fund can keep its group of investors small. They combine the strength of numbers to leverage larger opportunities with the strength of just a few in the group in order to stay flexible to the market and react when they need to react. Grandma simply doesn’t understand that a successful fund like BlackHorse doesn’t have to let just anyone in; instead, they operate on an invitation only basis accepting investors after a lengthy application process.

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