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Buying American Gold Eagle Coins

Todays Date: November 12, 2018

If you’re familiar with American Gold Eagle coins, well, you probably already know that they can be a great investment. Not only for people who love to collect coins, but for anyone who wants a part of history. Coming out in the’80’s they are the official gold bullion coin of America.

Gold that is used in the the American Gold Eagle coin must come from United States soil, and also added into the mixture are copper and silver that will help the coin more durable and wear-resistant. 22 karat gold is used to make these beautiful coins.

Authorized by the US Congress back in’85, these coins are normally minted in West Point, New York. One side shows the Lady Liberty as designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens’. Showing a beautiful picture of her hair flowing and holding a torch and olive branch in each hand. The other side was designed by Miley Busiek, showing a male Gold Eagle flying holding an olive branch, heading toward a nest with a female and her hatchlings.

The coins are not based on the face value that is listed on the different troy ounces that are available, but what the gold content is in each coin. Recent values of the coin were as follows. For a $5 coin it would be worth $130, while the next coin that showed a face value of $10 was worth $275. The $25 face value coin was worth $550, and the last coin available of $50 face value would be worth $1,000.

Depending on the spot price of gold, the market will determine the price that you could hope to get from the sale of these coins. Almost all of these types of coins will be produced at the New York at West Point Mint. These American Gold Eagle coins contain a mixture of 91. 67% gold, 5. 33% copper, and 3% silver.

Measurements for each coin are as follows, the one tenth troy ounce coin will measure 16. 50 mm diameter, and have a thickness of 1.’ mm, and weigh 3. 393 grams. While a quarter troy ounce coins is going to weigh 8. 483 grams, measure 22 mm in diameter and be 1. 83 mm thick. Half troy ounce coins will be 2. 24 mm thick, measure 27 mm in diameter and weigh16. 965 grams. And the last American Gold Eagle coin is the one troy ounce that measures 32. 70 for diameter, is 2. 24 mm thick, and will weigh 33. 93 grams.

During the years of’86 to’91 Roman numerals were used to date the coins. Starting after that it was switched to Arabic numbers for the dates. The American Gold Eagle is an item that is not only a great investment, but beautiful to behold. Any item that is a great investment, as well as something that you can enjoy looking at is worth obtaining. Today you can get a piece of history and enhance the value of your gold bullion portfolio,as American Gold Eagles are well worth the cost to invest in.

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