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Central, Hong Kong stores were Queuing snap up sale of iPhone 4

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Apple launches new iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 the works earlier sale. Who knows, this phone recently were snapped up by the alignment party and members of the public to make recycling pick-up in price yesterday, Apple’s flagship store to stop selling iPhone 4, Central, Hong Kong. iPhone 4S launched soon, Apple iPhone 4 will be on sale, 16GB reduction of $ 300 (HK $); version 32GB reduction of $ 800. “The first weekend after the price adjustment, buying customers on a lot of iPhone 4, pay and try queued to wait 15 minutes or so.

“A clerk toldNanjournalist. According to local media reports, the day before yesterday morning, the Central pedestrian overpass outside outside the Apple store has gathered about 400 party Queuing and waiting all night. Including South Asians, foreign domestic helpers and even housewives, during whom it was cut, stir up the back of people dissatisfied with the altercation between the two sides; police officers arrived at the scene to quell the event you want. Until the early morning, long queues have had more than thousand people.

In response to the public queue to snap up, Central Apple store provides daily sent 400 chips, each restriction of 5 iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S bumper). Yesterday, Apple’s flagship store out there are still people queuing to buy, many South Asians.   Was informed that the sale of news, some people has gone, but there are still more than 30 people queue up outside the shop. Xianda square G-World Liu Zhigang, head of Mobile, as the mainland market on iPhone 4 (iPhone 4S skins) is still a great demand, current 16GB collection machine sold for $ 5,200, new flip-earn $ 512; 32GB your price is $ 5,350, changes hands netted $ 262.


Party in line, each buying 5, ahead of a team can earn up to $ 2,500. In addition, the source said that after the iPhone 4S (cases for iPhone 4S) listed before, iPhone 4 will be discontinued. Apple fans to join a buying spree and some favorite founder Steve jobs this “works”, did not rule out some speculation. Well water level in making money, plus a variety of different reasons, in recent days to once again get queued queued overnight outside the Apple store in the goods of the party.

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