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Conference Material Unicom: The Contract Of iPhhe Deal Gives Users The Right To Know

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

Conference Material Unicom: The Contract Of iPhhe Deal Gives Users The Right To Know

China Unicom on iPhone 4 today, they launched a new policy plan, subscribers will use the new version of the user agreement, the new policy requires that customers not only in machine card separation, that is bound to use the purchase of communications services, USIM card, the user terminal number and the iPhone circumstances, only to enjoy the China Unicom to provide customers with end-subsidy policies. Unicom said the company will give users the full right to know and whether you choose the right contract plans; Duiyu lose your iPhone, etc., Unicom will be based on the actual situation, handled properly.


China Unicom’s announcement in its business offices across the country will generally be posted, allowing users to have full choice whether to join the iPhone contract plan in the right purchase. Since the end of September this year, China Unicom, the introduction of Apple iPhone 4 in the Mainland after the sale, iPhone 4 by the fanatical pursuit of the most talked about China’s mobile phone market. To this end, China Unicom also launched a heavily subsidized way to China Unicom iPhone 4 contract program, allowing users to buy the iPhone 4 in time to enjoy the benefits. However, there are some on the market for China Unicom iPhone 4 contract plan malicious unpacking, selling high-priced iPhone 4, the case of low-cost selling phone cards.


China Unicom said that customers used the event card from the case constitutes a breach of contract, agreement by both parties the right to cancel customers of China Unicom’s preferential policies, and user numbers for the shutdown process, terminal lock on the iPhone (peacock iPhone 4 case), while customers should be held breach of contract. Unicom said that this terminal contract bundling subsidies, but also the practice of domestic and international communications market. Also, users can also choose whether to join the China Unicom iPhone 4  (christmas iPhone 4 cases) contract plan, because the domestic market, there are two legitimate channels carrying the iPhone 4 (brushed aluminum iPhone 4 case) sales, in addition to China Unicom, the users through the Apple store to buy iPhone 4 bare metal, users have full right to choose

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