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Convert Traffic from Facebook for More Business

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

The internet is a very important tool for us today. People are very much dependent on the internet as they use internet for many different purposes like online dating and chatting, social networking and social media advertising, banking and finance, stock and share marketing, communication, educational usages, businesses and online jobs, using or finding property, jobs and matrimonial from the online property sites, online jobs portals and online matrimonial portals etc. The concepts of marketing and promotions have also changed a lot. The conventional and old methods of marketing, advertisement and promotion for a brand or business or service are considered as old fashioned and out dated today. The social networking sites are proving to be a best platform for promotional and advertisement purposes. The old methods of advertising and promotion of a business or product involved printing and distribution of pamphlets and flyers, printing advertisements in newspapers and magazines, hoardings, posters and banners etc. These all required some or the other form of resources to be used. Also the effective costs of these methods were high. These methods required much time to give the end results and were considered to be slow. The major disadvantage of the traditional methods of promotion and advertisement was that they conveyed the desired information by one to one mode. A pamphlet or a flyer given to a person would only provide the necessary information to that person only.
The social media advertising on the other hand delivers the messages to a large number of people at a time. They are very much inexpensive than the traditional methods of promotion and marketing. They use the natural or other resources to a very lesser extent. And since the social networking sites attract many of us, the advertisement and promotion work using them is proving to be very much useful. The social media advertising agencies or firms help their clients and consumers in getting twitter followers and facebook likes and facebook fans. The social media advertising agencies also help their clients to convert the traffic from facebook and traffic from twitter in to a pool or group of potential consumers i.e. buyers and sellers. The social media advertisement firms charge a lesser amount for their services. The results are mostly positive from this mode of promotion and advertisement. The large number of users on facebook and twitter are converted or are considered as potential consumers. They tend to get attracted by the advertisements and promotional stuff put on the clients ‘facebook fans’ like pages. For getting twitter followers many people are using the services of social media advertisement firms. The social media advertising agencies are also getting good business from this. Thus the whole concept of social media advertising is benefitting many people.

The author thinks that the social media advertising is a very helpful tool for getting twitter followers and increasing one’s businesses or products popularity among the people.

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