Todays Date: January 18, 2019

With the evolving role of World Wide Web in our lives, no doubt, the average time spent by an individual on net has increased tremendously. A big credit for the more time spent on internet also goes to social networking sites. They occupy a considerable portion of our time. According to an estimate, an individual spends about 10 percent of his internet time over blogs and social networking sites. We are living in an age of technology where almost every one of us is equipped with computers and devices on which internet operates easily. But with the increasing demand and usage of World Wide Web, there are more and more cases and incidents of cybercrime these days.

Every factor is said to have some positive and negative aspects. With the going time, there is no doubt that cases reporting cybercrime have increased. World Wide Web is moving towards a growing threat that might hurt your social reputation and may pose threat to your identity. Since we are dependent over internet to a large extent, we cannot completely rule it out from our lives. Need of the hour is to properly educate yourself and make yourself aware of necessary information so that you don’t fall prey to any of these activities.

Hackers are highly technologically advanced people who know tricks and tactics to break your security and enter into your account anyhow and discover the hidden secrets whether it be your password or your personal information and utilize it in their malicious goals. Social networking sites do not generally have that much security and since thousands of users are online at a time it becomes easier for them to sneak inside. But still there are various ways through which you can have strong security of your account and can safeguard your information.

It is highly recommended to reach your account by typing the exact address rather than clicking on unknown links as they may be fraudulent ones and can steal your all confidential information including your passwords and may access your account. Also while entering password, you should always look for padlock icon. This icon is indicative of the fact that the communication is encrypted and is safe. Also, keep your system malware free. Install latest versions of anti malwares which will avoid Trojans, spams, viruses from entering your system. Also, your password should be strong one. You can make that with the help of special characters and alphanumerical characters. Also, when available try to use online virtual keyboards as it is the safest one.

Also be at alert along with friendly on social networking sites. Do not add people whom you don’t know as they may turn to be real culprits. You should always exchange information within limits on social networking sites so that there is no sort of risk involved. Also have a look over your account’s settings and personalize them according to the need. Such simple steps can surely help you in reducing the risks to a great extent.

Jerry McGlothlin is author of this article on cybercrime issues today. Find more information, about privacy challenges here

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