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Doubt You Have Bed Bugs? Here Are 2 Signs

Todays Date: November 16, 2018

Bed bugs are itchy, silent predators, and are usually found in beds. They can infect your home without you even knowing it. They are very small and difficult to see. The best way to eliminate them is to ask a pest control company or termite exterminator to do the job.

You may wonder what the signs & symptoms of a bed bug infestation are There are two common signs, and they are as follows:

1. Rash From Bed Bugs

Itching is the first sign of a bed bug rash. The rash will not be visible but you’ll be able to feel the itch. They are itchier than mosquito bites, and the itch can be felt only after a time period of minimum one hour. Sometimes, the rash comes out only after a few days or weeks.

A bed bug rash has a small, round and red bump that looks more swollen than a mosquito rash. Sometimes, the rash looks a lot like a bite mark in sequence. If you think you may have bed bug rash, a few days of examining it wouldn’t hurt. Prolonged itching is caused by the rash, lasting for days. A bed bug rash also doesn’t heal as fast as mosquito bites. They remain swollen for weeks at a time.

2. Bed Bug Odor

Next thing to look for is bed bug odor. What odor do they give off?

Bed bugs release an obnoxious, musty smell, so a room where there’s plenty of bed bug infestation smells of it. Under the headboard & mattresses are common places where they can be smelled. If your sofas have cracks, check if they’ve got bed bug odor. They are also sometimes infested with bed bugs.

You should call pest control experts immediately if you happen to have a bed bug infestation. Afterwards, you should create pest control rules at home to prevent a repeat of this incident.

You probably think that it is not a priority for you to administer pest control measures for your home right now. Even if you think that nothing will obligate you to move, you might, someday, be putting your house up for sale because of some reason. No matter how attractive your home is from the outside, real estate agents and buyers would steer clear of it if they notice marks of pest infestations. A termite colony existing in your home’s foundation could very well lessen the asking price of your property. Moreover, banks generally deny loan applications with houses used as collaterals if they found that the house is overriden with pests; like potential buyers, banks perceive pest-infested houses as bad investments. Hence, in order for your house to remain as a good investment, just think of the fee for hiring an expert pest exterminator as a precaution to the conservation of the structural quality of your home.

Find out the most effective methods of eradicating termites and other pests from your homes or offices.

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