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Four Popular Boise Real Estate Agent Wives Tales

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

With Boise real estate agents processing so many short sales these days, it is not surprising that many buyers are left with a negative impression. With such fears and concerns on their minds, many buyers simply forestall looking! Real estate is just like so many other professional arenas, with both good apples, and bad apples. Take a look at these valuable tips designed to help debunk fact from fiction.

Myth #1: Boise real estate agents are always late to appointments

While there are certainly a few agents out there who seem to think their time is more important than yours, this is not the case with all agents. If your first interview with an agent does not go well, set up an interview with another agent. Permitting an agent to demonstrate disregard for your time is not a good pattern to set early on. The most successful agents will show you the highest degree of consideration and respect, so do not mess with an agent who refuses.

Myth #2: Your agent should be willing to show you homes as soon as you demand

With so many agents receiving their income from selling homes, they likelihood of having an agent refuse to show you a home is pretty low. Signing a Buyer Representation Agreement is one great way to ensure performance, if you are that worried about it. Unless you agree to sign a representation agreement, the real estate agent should not be working with you at all, given they have no way to recover money for their time and resources they spend while with you.

Myth #3: Title companies and lenders are in cahoots with agents

Put simply, receiving kickbacks from a real estate vendor is against the law. Since the mid-70’s, agents have been limited to receive payment in compliance with the law established under RESPA. The numbers just would not make sense given that the agent would lose their license to practice real estate and face penalties well in excess of their kickbacks.

Myth #3: The agent who chooses the home inspector will have the favor in the inspection report

While your agent would certainly like to see the home come through with a favorable inspection, no reputable agent will want the inspector to put a stamp of approval on a home that does not deserve it. Agents who want what is the highest benefit for their clients are the norm in today’s real estate industry. With the real estate industry being so competitive, there are very few agents who could hack any bad reviews of their services. Overlooking or suppressing material facts from the home inspection report is subject to legal recourse, so few Boise real estate agents would be willing to accept the risk. Every buyer should know all the facts surrounding a home purchase and that should not be impeded by Boise real estate agents. A good agent will work on your behalf to make certain all of the necessary repairs are made before the transaction is completed.

Myth #4: Agents need to tell clients about the ethnic make-up and crime statistics of a neighborhood

Your agent cannot address the ethnic make-up of your chosen area, nor can they comment on the predominant race in areas. More specifically, any information that can be considered discriminatory cannot be discussed. The only viable answer to find a home in an area that you will most closely assimilate, like in an area that is mostly one type of religion or another, is to do that research before you start looking for a home.

The same is true when it comes to providing information regarding school statistics and crime rates. Finding the important information is not hard as long as your Boise real estate agents office has that information on file and handy.

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