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Gold, The Most Endowed Metal

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

Spread in mines from the entire world, good conductor of electricity, of a brilliant touch, hammered in thin sheets, accessible in amazingly beautiful colors, and with an unforgettable luster, these would be the characteristics mentioned in a CV for gold.

The most well-known use would be the production of jewelry. Gold is a very malleable metal which permits to be manufactured in even unimaginable ways. Thanks to its luster, it seems to be the most suitable metal for ornaments. The fact that it can be drawn into wires or turned into sheets give the specialist the opportunities of coming up with unique pieces of jewelry.

Moreover, the financial specialists would also recommend gold for its value. Gold has worked in favor of all those who invested in it for a long period of time. At first it worked as a obedient servant of kings who issued gold coins. And nowadays, these collections of coins became more valuable than before. Besides this, gold became an experienced clerk in banks who invented the well-known bullion, so necessary even in the economy of every country.Unbelievable but true! Gold has some medical experience. First of all, it has some experience as a doctor, trying to cure illnesses as arthritis or cancer. Then, its experience recommends it in the medical industry, as part of medical lasers, surgical instruments or other so necessary devices. Besides these, it specialized in dentistry as well turning into teeth or wires.Could you imagine that it worked even among the astronomers? Gold has seen the world from the outer space as part of the spacecrafts and it proved to be so reliable that they do not want to give up to its services.

Other sciences took advantage of other characteristics gold has. For instance in aerospace, scientists discovered that gold may fulfill endless tasks. And the discoveries had not limited only to this field. Gold became useful in the production of glass, referring to the ruby glass. Since this type of glass may be used in constructions, architects realized that very thin leaves of glass may be used on the roofs of different churches or in the construction of modern buildings.

The list does not end here. Cosmetic products benefit from gold’s sparkle, others of its characteristics and for sure, some new discoveries will be made to prove how useful gold may be. Until then, if it kept in the bank as bullion, it means a lucky ticket in life.

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