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Graham Walker: Woe betide the party that wins Britain’s general election

Todays Date: January 19, 2019

Analysts at private broker dealers, “Graham Walker”, believe that the party that emerges victorious in Britain’s general election may well go on to be remembered as the most unpopular government for decades.

The analysts aired their thoughts in a scheduled client newsletter and suggested that the scale of cuts in spending and tax increases would be “extremely severe”.

Graham Walker” has long maintained its view that most Briton’s have been insulated from the harsh effects of the recession because of record-low interest rates, quantitative easing and the bailouts of the nation’s financial institutions but, according to the analysts, these measures have merely postponed the pain which they believe will be felt far more acutely.

Consensus among the “Graham Walker” analysts seems to be that, at some stage, Britain will experience a double-dip recession accompanied by inflation, strikes, social unrest and stagnation.

The competing parties have been reluctant to release clear and transparent plans for reduction of the country’s huge budget deficit fearing that figures therein could harm their chances for election. Obviously, “Graham Walker” analysts think that may not be such a bad thing.

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