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How Option Trading Profit In Any Market Conditions

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Traders and investors need to formulate strategies which will allow them to be profitable under any type of market condition when option trading. No matter how the market fluctuates, whether the stocks go up or down, experienced traders need to find the right method to sustain success and create revenue growth. Millionaires are made through option trading on a daily basis there are also others who are not as fortunate. So it is vital to understand the nuances associated with market conditions and how to optimize those conditions in your favor.

It is possible to be successful when option trading on the market, whether the stocks are fluctuating up and down, or even staying stationary. The traders and investors with an understanding of the market and the various nuances associated with it are the ones that become successful and make millions. Some of the strategies these successful traders and investors utilize include strategies for when the markets are up and others for when the market is down.

Option trading strategies for when the markets are up include Buy Call Option, Sell Naked Put Option, and Bull Call Spread. Buy Call Option is where you could purchase the same number of equal stocks for a fraction of the price using call options and profit when the stock goes up. If the stock crashes then you will lose the small amount you put towards buying the option versus the entire amount you would have use to buy the stock. Sell Naked Put Option is used instead of buying call options means you can sell short put options by pocketing the entire amount you made on selling the put options if the stock goes up. Bull Call Spread is when you buy call options at the money and sell short out of the money call options within the same month. This strategy means you make money when the stock rises or stays the same.

When the markets go down the best strategies to use for option trading is Buy Put Option, Sell Naked Call Option or Bear Put Spread. The Buy Put Option instead of shorting stocks and risking a margin call you buy a put option. Buying a put option is the same as buying call options but you profit when the stock goes down rather than up. Sell Naked Call Option means instead of buying put options you sell short call options and make the entire amount from selling the put options if the stock goes down. Bear Put Spread is when you buy put options at the money and sell short out of the money put options within the same month. This strategy provides profits when the stock falls or stays the same.

Other strategies that can be used for option trading whether the market goes up or down include Straddle and Strangle. Straddle is when you buy a call option and a put option at the same strike point for the same stock option. This lets you profit no matter what direction the market is moving. Strangle is similar but buys out of the money call option and put option instead of at the money in order to reduce the cost of the position.

When the market is steady or moving sideways then some of the best strategies to use for option trading include Covered Call and Short Straddle. Covered Call works if you have a stock that is moving sideways you could collect rental out of it by selling the call option each month and profit the entire amount of the sale if the stock continues moving sideways. Short Straddle means you would buy call options and put options similar to Straddle but you would sell short to create an option position which profits when the stock continues to move sideways.

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