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Idaho AG Is Ensuring Boise Real Estate Market Is Secure

Todays Date: December 12, 2018

With foreclosures on the Boise real estate market increasing in 20009, consumer complaints of homeowners seeking loan modifications did too. As foreclosure rates have gone through the roof, so have fraud claims against people who supposedly do loan modifications, according to him Idaho attorney generals office. Of the total number of complaints filed this year, this type comprised about 20% of them.

Idaho’s Attorney General has gone so far to say that the types of fraud being reported are outrageous. To make things worse, many home loans are not being modified by these companies, even though the property owners pay them lots of money to do so. The Attorney Generals office rapidly sought out and received three settlements and filed two lawsuits on behalf of citizens and victims. Many Boise real estate holders have been left without a plan when it comes to foreclosure because of these types of behaviors.

In order to help many Boise real estate owners receive the loan modifications they were hoping for, the Attorney Generals office even brought in a counselor as a resource. To help out, free foreclosure handbooks were printed up and handed out.

The Idaho Attorney Generals office recovered just over 7.4 million dollars on behalf of Idaho taxpayers, which amounts to just over $12 per taxpayer dollar contributed by the state, according to Wasden. The attorney general also recovered $5.9 million in civil penalties, fees and costs, also the largest amount ever recovered by the office in that category. The state received $31 million in 2009 from the tobacco master settlement agreement negotiated between the office and tobacco manufacturers in 1998. Idaho has taken in an otherwise unseen $254 million as a result over the years.

While only costing the state of Idaho $833,000 and bringing in a total of $44 million, the consumer affairs operations are a very positive force for citizens in general, but specifically for those who own Boise real estate. No matter the category, the AG’s office was efficient and effective in 2009. They didn’t back down when facing opponents as large as Eli Lilly or other pharmaceutical companies, let alone any other commercial entities. In topics as broad as illegal monopolies to anti-trust issues, Wasden is not one to back off or step aside. It also reached a significant price fixing settlement involving vitamins.

Phone solicitors have had to adjust their tactics as well, with over 900,000 new phone numbers being added to the “do not call” list to avoid solicitations. Soon the office will release an important DVD which teaches children how to avoid sexual predators online, called “ProtecTeens”.

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