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International Nexus Ventures: Releases Initial Tranche To Biobutanol Refiner…

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

“International Nexus Ventures” – Biobutanol’s drive to mainstream recognition as a viable alternative is underway.

“International Nexus Ventures” recently announced that it has released first stage funding to biobutanol innovator, BBTL Energy Inc.

The initial tranche of $45m will apparently fund the construction of additional facilities at the company’s refinery plant. BBTL recently unveiled a process which essentially reduces the amount of water and energy required to distill and separate the desired product in the fermentation process by up to 60%.

“International Nexus Ventures” said that the inevitable increase in the price of conventional fossil fuels that would naturally accompany the global economic recovery heightened the need for viable alternative fuels but, until recently, the cost of production has been too expensive both in terms of the feedstocks, water and energy. The BBTL Energy development significantly reduces two elements of the equation and makes biobutanol far more commercially viable.

“International Nexus Ventures” said that the firm’s management, made up of alternative fuels specialists hailing from several oil majors including Exxon Mobil and Chevron, is determined to focus on biobutanol rather than ethanol which is well-known for its corrosive side-effects as well as its intolerance of water and this commitment was instrumental in the firm’s decision to provide funding.

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