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iPhone 4S Listed HongKong Market Is Difficult To Buy

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

 Although iPhone 4S of HongKong will set off another round of market of small climax, but is expected to be licensed before listing,Hong Kongmarket will present a machine to the situation. Because even licensed listed may not meet the Chinese market the demand for iPhone, not to mention a small Hongkong Apple store. I estimate that Hongkong must open 20 store and open supply, can meet the needs of the Chinese market.

So besides the can in the official website booking to friends, ten days the line type and not wide range low iPhone prices, is expected to dealers quote will 716$-746$.

The line iPhone 4S for consumers is definitely a good thing, but cattle are not vegetarian, see micro-blog said Hongkong has thousands of people line up, 99% is a scalper, and fighting events, visible ordinary consumers want to grab the line is very difficult, cattle price sale machine, large cattle can also result in monopoly, so if you want to buy 612$ iPhone 4S, is very difficult.

Three: iPhone 4SHong Konglisted is of little significance

In the United States, almost all of the iPhone (iPhone 4 accessories cases) are contract machine sales, and we know that last year China Unicom loss a lot, so it contract machine iPhoen cost-effective high. In fact, if not cared for the number, contract machine iPhone is present in all iPhone (cool iPhone 4 accessories) most value choice, iPhone 4S is expected in the domestic contract machine price still is 5880 yuan, this choice is the best choice.

iPhone prices are too high, even for relatively cheap in Hong Kong, is only” relatively cheap”, and is not really what we call sense on the cheap. China has become the second largest market for apple.  But the key is the most critical function, iPhone 4S Siri does not support Chinese, for ordinary consumers, iPhone4 (cheap iPhone 4 accessories) and iPhone 4S gap is not large, still advise consumers to buy 8G version of the iPhone4 is comparatively substantial.

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