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iPhone 4S problems frequently or affect the domestic sales

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

The industry said that Apple should be introduced into the test mechanism” battery problems, Speech Microphone problem, even iPhone 4S ‘s most famous features voice service Siri has problems, we don’t know ‘ perfect control ‘ Jobs if regeneration, weather will be mad.” A netizen commented in the forum. Yet even in home Hongkong officially listed on the iPhone 4S in overseas encounter frequent failures, which obviously for its Greater China sales covered with clouds. Industry expert expresses to the reporter, apple mobile phone tight secrecy and perfection of the quality of the contradiction between the requirements is more and more big, unless an open small scale test to avoid, or similar problems or will have long plagued the apple.

IOS 5 a lot of problems previously, Apple launched the iPhone 4 because of a “antenna” (for full metal design, fixed position of holding the iPhone will appear to signal problems) was in a crisis. When Apple founder Jobs to its amazing turn back the powers of darkness, let Apple smoothly through the “antenna” and become a public relations and marketing classical case. But Jobs died shortly after, the new Apple company management team is challenged again — in the world is highly concerned about the iPhone 4S gradually after the listing of frequent problems. Apple launched iPhone 4S and the latest version of the operating system iOS 5, iPhone 4S battery capacity began to be criticized. Originally, the iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 accessories cases) standby battery life of only 200 hours, not only than the previous generation iPhone 4 100 hours less than the first generation, even iPhone 50 hours less. Was criticized for a long time, recently Apple has admitted that iPhone 4S (cool iPhone 4 accessories) battery performance problems. Apple Battery problems derived from the latest version of the operating system iOS 5.

Apple says it has found several software problems will affect battery life, a few weeks will launch the updated software to solve these problems. But disasters pile up on one another. IOS 5 problem, even not only affect the battery, also affect the iPhone 4S (cheap iPhone 4 accessories) handset. There are a large number of users through the apple product support forum report, using iPhone 4S to dial the telephone handset is occasionally unable to hear sound, and almost every large operator iPhone 4S users are affected by the problem, therefore the conclusion is not” operator network problems”.

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