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IPhone up to drop thousands of bare-official website

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

“We will price from 11th, consolidated in accordance with the Apple official website of the bare-metal prices. “Yesterday,Guangzhoulocal Apple retailer told reporters. In fact, after Apple released the fifth generation of iPhone, October 6, cut the price of iPhone 4 bare metal, up to drop thousands of dollars. The other hand, Apple’s larger agents have not adjust the prices down, because Apple does not have “price protection” said bare metal prices adjusted lower than the price, if you resize, is sold at a loss.


This reporter learned from the local Jin Jiaxin, its bare metal price is not down. This mess is meant that local consumers have purchased according to the original price of $ 4,999 and $ iPhone 4? Not necessarily, the Guangdong Unicom said one person waiting for group pricing information; contract plans and bare-metal prices are likely to be adjusted. Previously, China Unicom sales General Manager Yu Yingtao Microblogs revealed that “study”.   

In addition,Guangzhousuning stores also have price reduction to consistent with Apple’s official website. “As far as I know, at present several agents, including telling Apple not adjust the prices of iPhone 4 bare metal.”Yesterday, a local business operators informed source told reporters, the official website of Apple cut its prices, more like a” unilateral act “. The same day, theGuangzhounew Apple authorized retailers only price adjustment, a few days before, still follow the original price sales.


Jin Jiaxin officials disclosed that its retail version 16G iPhone 4 is still sold more than 4,700 Yuan, and 32G costs more than $ 5,500. On October 6, iPhone 4S after the release of 16G version iPhone 4 Apple Chinese website online store price fell from $ 4,999 $ 4,548; version 32G iPhone 4 price fell from $ 5,999 $ 4,988, drop $ 1011. In addition, the iPhone 3GS version 8G front of the selling price of $ 3,999 per cent. The above said, iPhone has never been “price” saying, so now supply channels; price is higher than the adjusted price of hundreds of dollars, if the selling price and the price of Apple’s official website, can only be sold at a loss.


The so-called price, in short, price protection, is one of the terminal manufacturers to dealers loss compensation. Retail told e world journalist, because you cannot “price protection”, after Apple price of inventory of goods can only be through “time difference” to absorb, Digest stock before the consumers did not fully understand. “A stock are really small, another national day as far as I know iPhone 4 sales surge description just needs exist(cases for iPhone 4).   

“The carrier said. Although some Apple prices result in a loss of pressure on agents and retailers, but prices seem unstoppable. “When do consumers every day recently to ask about prices. “Guangzhou Xin Lian said. Suning in Guangzhou, bare-metal prices of the iPhone 4 October 6 on the official website has leveled(iPhone 4S covers). “Su Ning was selling at the red, but spot because it’s actually very little, loss of control can also attract popular, also without losing a cost-effective approach. “People say, for local consumers, maximum channels should also be a China Unicom. Therefore, China Unicom iPhone 4 price cuts (iPhone 4 leather cases), when the price is very important. 3G head of Sales Department of Guangdong Unicom says, also are waiting for a group of messages, adjustment should be determined.

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