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Is A Forensic Loan Audit Your Solution

Todays Date: November 17, 2018

It is sad to see the devastating effects that the home market has had on moral of homeowners. In order to short sale their home, people have to quit paying on their mortgage, which kills their credit score and makes getting credit lines and loans in the future much more difficult.

Unsure of their options, many homeowners do not know how to avoid bankruptcy if the bank does not accept the short sale contract.

Can a forensic loan audit effect these circumstances?

Thousands of homeowners have already collected the settlement money they are due after their lender is show to have violated the law in one way or another when the funded your home loan. The basis for this is that 83% of lending institutions have been cited for “significant” compliance violations.

The seriousness of the types of mistakes lenders make ranges from fraud all the way to simply mistakes in accounting. Each bank has to keep the customer appraised and informed about certain facts and developments in their loan, and to neglect to do that is to expose themselves to prosecution or liability.

How will I benefit from a forensic loan audit?

For far too many property owners the basic strategy boils down to stopping payment on their home loan. If homeowners simply started to take the money they would normally pay toward their home payment and purchase a forensic audit of their mortgage, they would have the bank paying them for not following proper procedure in most cases.

Since so many auditing attorneys work on a contingency fee basis the audit ends up costing the homeowner nothing, especially since if the bank is found to have done nothing wrong the procedure ends up being free. Requesting an audit is simple so do not hesitate to act in a constructive manner and avoid financial catastrophe!

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