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Is Stock Trading Too Hard To Do?

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

There are many full-time stock traders making a very good living. There are also many people making good money on a part-time basis with stock trading. Then there are also thousands of unsuccessful traders who don’t realize they have to educate themselves before venturing into trading.

The biggest reason why many traders fail is because they don’t realize that you are not actually trading against the market – you are trading against yourself. If you are scared to take risks, or you can’t stand losing, you will tend to sell winning trades too early and hang on to losing trades too long. Eventually this means that you will make some small profits and a couple of very big losses – with the nett result being a loss.

To become a success as a trader you have to learn to ‘let profits ride’ and cut losses before they become too big. To do that you will have to learn self discipline and have a set of trading rules to which you stick at all times.

The best way to do this is to go into every trade with a set stop loss and a set take profit level. That means that no matter what happens, if the trade turns against you and you lose for example five percent of your money, you will get out. Similarly, you won’t exit a trade before you have made the profit as determined by the take profit level you decided upon before the trade.

Your final important step is to get the necessary education and software. Many online trading companies can provide you with both. Learn how the markets work. Study the workings of technical and fundamental indicators.

Once you have learned self-discipline and you are familiar with the rules of trading, stock trading will become both pleasurable and profitable.
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