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LED lighting are well worth concerning

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

SW new report, LED lighting involving chip, packaging, thermal materials, antireflective optical materials, drive and different areas. About 20% of global electricity consumption is lighting, LED lighting will save more than half of the electricity consumption, which is a potential market for LED capacity. Back-end packaging and application of the 2011 area of more concern, because the chip supply chain, including chip prices, and expected to trigger lighting applications; LED lighting chips currently account for only 15% of the entire light is about the price, great value-added products in the manufacturing and back-channel link; and before the TV backlight market is difficult to cut into different Chinese enterprises, manufacturing capacity has been focused on the global lighting In China, Chinese enterprises will become the dominant force. Focus on country star power, Zhejiang Sunshine, attention Fu Jing technology.

Chip area focus on Silan Microelectronic, the Great Wall development. While LED lighting chip prices is decling in the short term, but the lighting needs will ultimately improve the supply and demand pattern. Silan Microelectronics graphics chips less affected by the decline in value, the blue and green chips are first class; the Great Wall of large-scale manufacturing management capabilities (led lighting manufacturer), in light of the wafer and the support of billion is expected to become the leading vertically integrated manufacturer. From: wholesale LED lights

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