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Major Economic Indicators Affecting Boise Real Estate

Todays Date: December 12, 2018

The U.S. economy grew faster than initially thought in the fourth quarter as businesses drew down inventories at a much slower pace and boosted investment, a government report showed on Friday. As the recession eases Boise real estate will be helped out by the positive news.

With the Commerce Department using fourth quarter numbers to project a sound 5.7% increase in GDP, many onlookers were pleasantly surprised to see the actual numbers slightly higher at 5.9%. It was still the fastest pace since the third quarter of 2003. In the third quarter alone the economy increased by another 2.2%. Rewinding time to the 2003 numbers would definitely help the Boise real estate market.

In the winter period the GDP posted fore-casted growth of 5.7%, which indicates goods and services production totals, according to Reuters. While the economy rebounded strongly in the second half of 2009 from the worst downturn since the 1930s, data so far suggests the rapid rate of acceleration slowed somewhat in the first quarter of 2010. Considering the housing slump and the low consumer confidence reports, businesses continued to reduce inventories to purchase needed software and equipment which all added up to a boost in fourth quarter numbers. All local indicators show that the rates of decrease were similar in the Boise real estate market.

Stripping out inventories, the economy expanded at an annual rate of 1.9%, rather than the 2.2% pace estimated last month, indicating growth was not being driven by demand. Inventory values were adjusted down from $33.5 billion initially, to $16.9 in the fourth quarter. Throughout the latter portion of the summer, inventory sales plummeted to $139 billion. The inventory changes alone were responsible for a 3.88% difference in GDP. Such a dramatic increase has not been seen since the final quarter of 1987. With so many suppliers eliminating excess inventory, builders in the Boise real estate market were helped out.

For the whole of 2009, the economy contracted 2.4%, the biggest decline since 1946, the department said. In the final three months of 2009, consumer spending increased at a 1.7% rate, rather than the 2% pace reported in January. In the preceding quarter, the federal government “cash for clunkers” program lifted GDP by 2.8%, which was obviously a short term fix for a sector of the economy. In the fourth quarter, consumer spending – which normally accounts for about 70% of U.S. economic activity — contributed 1.23 percentage points to GDP. As the national economy contracted, the Boise real estate market contracted right along with it.

Businesses continued to invest in equipment and necessary software at such a rate that the commercial real estate slump was not a cause of negative number in the Gross Domestic Product in the fourth quarter. Increases in business investment, from a projected 2.9% to a 6.5% actual pace helped out a lot. In the preceding three months, it had slid by about 5.9%. With an anticipated increase of 5.7% for the fourth quarter, the construction numbers were a bit of a disappointment when they came in at 5%. Posting an increase of just under 19% in the third quarter, there was quite a disparity between quarters. On the back of stronger exports and imports, which left a trade gap adding .3% to the GDP, the fourth quarter boasted better numbers than otherwise anticipated. With factors that effect Boise real estate and GDP, we are all eager to see a resolution to this crisis.

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