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New era of racism

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Racism is a vice which dates back many years ago. It has been in existence with people who have used it wrongly to sideline, favor, intimidate and discriminate other people just because they feel that they are superior to others. Racism can be defined as an unfair treatment or dislike of somebody because they are of different race or colour of the skin. It can be administered through speaking unfair and demeaning racist remarks against other race, beatings or job discrimination because of one’s race. After the election of United States of America, racism has taken a different dimension. With the endorsement and election of Senator Barrack Obama as the president of America, the black Americans who have for a long time been victims of racism since independence by the whites had a reason to smile because they felt that now they will not be discriminated anymore.

The impact of racism is very traumatic and those who have been victims have sad stories to tell. They could better not remember about it instead continue with their lives in a more positive way. Racism in America is on its way to death with the election of black American as the president. During the campaigning period, both the presidential contenders assured the Americans that they fight hard to end racism in America, and this was evidenced by the an overwhelming support which Barrack Obama got from the whites and the black Americans. Racism is going to dwindle slowly from the Americans’ minds though there are some who feel that their race is superior to others. I t has created a lot hatred amongst Americans who see each other as worst enemies.

With the change of guard at Whitehouse, and the elect president at one time was a victim of racism, he will strive to encourage the Americans to unite and work together and put their racial differences aside. When Senator John McCain conceded defeat by Obama, he urged all the Americans to support him fully as their president, a clear indication that the Americans were now ready to work together with each other as one people. With the appointment of John Biden (a white) as his running mate and ultimately as the vice president shows that the blacks are ready to work with whites. This set a good example which should be embraced by all Americans.
The kind of celebration and jubilation which was displayed and witnessed by Americans when Obama was duely elected as the president of United States is a clear indication that they had put aside their personal and racial differences. From this point of view, racism is going to fade away with time and with the kind of enthusiasm amongst the whites and the blacks, there is hope that things will never be the same again. It is the hope of many Americans to end racism which had been rampant amongst some few unreasonable Americans for many years.

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