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Okuma Group: Is The Euro A Doomed Currency?

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

“Okuma Group” : With expectations of a restructuring of Greece’s public debt gaining traction amongst investors, analysts at “ Okuma Group” say that it is little wonder that the long-term outlook for the euro is worsening by the day.

One of the chief concerns amongst investors is that the €110bn EU/IMF bailout merely kicks the can down the road because the austerity measures that Greece has had to introduce as a condition of the bailout will so negatively impact upon the country’s GDP that its recession will be prolonged which will undoubtedly affect its ability to maintain its debt payments.

The firm believes that countries like Germany would be best served by actually leaving the euro but given the effort and money it has committed to the euro experiment, such an outcome is unlikely say the analysts at “Okuma Group”.

With this in mind, the firm suggests that an orderly restructuring of Greece’s public debt would limit the impact upon the financial institutions that hold it and reduce the likelihood of a second credit crunch in Europe.

This option is seen as the most favorable by the Greek people who are resentful of the austerity measures that will result in the loss of thousands of jobs and a reduction in public services.

“Okuma Group” analysts have maintained their sell recommendation on the euro advising clients to switch any holdings into alternative currencies or precious metals.

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