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Please Grasp A Small Knowledge About The Battery Of Cell Phone

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Please Grasp A Small Knowledge About TheBatteryOf Cell Phone

Now, more and more people use the beautiful widescreen Smartphone, but there are also many people complain that: cell phone battery is not durable, just a day or two the power went out. Indeed, widescreen Smartphone needs more power consumption. Therefore, be nice to your cell phone battery, let it can give you more lasting work, and becomes even more important.

Today’s mobile phone basic use lithium-ion battery, its characteristic is small volume, light weight; it has the long standby calls when it compared with nickel cadmium battery and nimh batteries.

Generally speaking, when you buy the phone (cell phone cases wholesale), it has original battery products. If you need to purchase another, you had better go to a store or prestige good place to purchase, in order to ensure quality. Whether the original battery first can discern from the label of its printing and see whether the font, color plays flash whether evenly. Font size is differing; printing fuzzy of most is counterfeit batteries.

Secondly, you still can discern from some details, such as counterfeit batteries due to shell mould and original product has difference, into the handset battery magazine will have some doesn’t agree with the place; The original battery metal contacts generally USES high-quality pieces of copper, only on the plus side will have golden reflective, and fake battery metal contact from any Angle are shining.

Generally speaking, before the battery leave the factory, manufacturer has carried on the activate processing, and fill some electricity in advance. But after they leave, short battery is a month; the long is half of a year will reach users’ hands with cell phone (wholesale cell phone covers). This time, for the battery electrode materials, so manufacturers and blunts dealer would normally suggest users should first use of cell activation “, namely again “3-5 times process to enable the full charge in the future use of the best state.

The so-called activate charging, are deep charge and deep put, namely completely consumed power, continuous charging 12-16 hours. So the consecutive of 3- 5 times to ensure that the activity of lithium ion fully activate. However, there is another view of lithium ion no memory effects, which do not have activated possible, so the ten hours of long time charging no practical significance. At present, the two completely opposite views head-on, let a person is right.from: cheap cell phone cases

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