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Real Estate Investing During The Down Turn

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

OK let’s establish a few ground rules for this article first.

1) Bad markets have happen before…and people still made money.

2) Not every deal will fall into a cookie cutter format keep your eyes open…and your mind even more so.

3) Not every tactic or idea works in the same in every part of the country. ALWAYS check local laws pertaining to real estate transactions.

Ok…now on with the article.

So the market has taken a big drop this doesn’t mean that you, as a real estate investor/professional, are out of luck. It only means you need to add new tricks and tools to your tool box. (Be warned I use “tool box” a lot.)

Marketing/locating property

Besides the normal channels of RE agents and brokers (still the best way to find good investments in my opinion) you have a huge amount or resources at your fingertip with the Internet.

You can join website communities for investors, follow blogs, get in on group discussion etc. All of these things can lead to new and interesting deals.

Several of my investments have come to me via a web community of some sort. I also have gotten countless tips from other investors on investments and financing issues. Do not over look the value of belonging to an “investor community website.”

I truly feel that the future of investing will be web related. Not just in finding investment projects but in doing the research for them as well as finding the funding and the marketing/exit strategy as well.

“New” financing

Everyday we are hearing about how the current market and credit crunch is making getting loans harder for everyone. This is currently a fact. No way around it. The loan process has changed. So what options are left?? The answer is several.

Lease options. Assumable loans. Seller financing. Just to name a few.

The above mentioned may well become the big trends in the next couple of years. I am waiting to see how the lenders change the loan guidelines in the next few months to “re introduce” the assumable loan. We are already seeing a HUGE trend in short sales. ( 10 years ago short sales were a lot harder to find, now it seems like every other distressed listing is a short sale in some cities.)

Do not let the current market conditions scare you in to sitting this investment period out. To the contrary use it to inspire you. Take the time to do the research on finance options look into building a LLC perhaps. Find out about buying real estate with your IRA. Etc, etc.

Read investment the strategies of the big names in investing. Buy books build your investment library. Use the time to educate yourself and above all be creative.

Don’t let panic drive you off with everyone else.

Doc Schmyz has invested all over the US and Mexico. He built a free free website shares Real estate investing information for all over the US.

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