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Reasons For Investing In The Stock Market – Part 2

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Last time we discussed about the advantages or the reasons why you should invest in the stock market. We talked about the first three which are, potential for greater returns, part ownership of the company you are investing and belonging to a special group of people. This is the concluding part of this 2 part series. If you wish to view the entire article, check out my blog.

4.) One of the best if not the best vehicle of investment – In 1986 the Philippine stock market recorded its highest return rate at 224 %. The lowest return rate was recorded in 1997 at negative 41 %. The average return in 20 years time however ranges from 24 % to 28 % per year. It can therefore be clearly seen that while it is true that investing in the stock market has its up and down, in the long run long term investments in the stock market still yields a greater return. Hence it can be concluded that the long term investors always benefit and that the stock market is still one of the best vehicles of investment.

5.) Helps you become more financially literate and inspires you to increase that knowledge – Investing in the stock market forces you to go over the business news. It also helps you give significant meaning to the major news headlines. News for you is not something to be discussed in chit chats, but rather you view it as something that will have an impact on how the market behaves. You are forced to understand words that are foreign to you. You will become more sharper intellectually as you are motivated to keep on reading. If you dozed off in your your economics class in high school or college, this time you will be pulling your hair apart just to figure out what inflation means. you will be motivated to become a life long student.

6.) Helps you more to become internet savvy. – It has been said that the development of mankind is divided into several ages. First we had the “stone age”, then came the iron age and then the bronze ages etc. Afterwards we moved up to the industrial age. Currently we are said to be in the “information technology age.” In this age, knowledge is power. This is not just considered as an adage. Rather this is the essence of the information age. Engaging in online trading will surely help you understand what this means. During the time that I was in college I wanted to invest in the stock market. The reason for my curiosity was because I always see in the movies how the traders are shouting buy or sell. However I did not invest during that time because of three reasons. First I lack the information. Secondly, I do not have the capability and thirdly I do not have the money to invest.

With the advent of the internet age, information is everywhere through the World Wide Web. Add to the fact that you can now trade online. With this opportunities that come into play, it was now possible for me to trade in the stock market. I monitor the news online, I buy and sell online, I transfer money to my accounts online and best of all it is now possible to trade globally and invest in other stock markets around the world with the use of your computer. Although this is an entirely different arena but the stock market trading principles still come into play.

7.) Help in nation building – The most noble objective and advantage as to why you should invest in the stock market is probably this one. Companies want to get listed in the stock exchange to raise more capital for their business in order that they could expand. Business expansion is translated as more jobs, more taxes for the government and more economic activity. This in effect moves the nation forward and helps build the nation.

For sure these reasons certainly make a convincing argument as to why you should invest in the stock market.

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