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Renting out your Class A Class C Class B or Travel Trailer for Rental Income

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

Motorhome rentals are on the rise. RV Rentals Nationwide’s new national reservation center has been overwhelmed by motorhome reservation request and they are now seeking owners of motorhomes, travel trailers, and coaches to fill the demand.

RV Rentals Nationwide specializes in bringing the RV rental to the customer and was able to capture a large portion of the travel trailer rental market in Oklahoma in less than 2 years. Since then RV Rentals Nationwide of Oklahoma in now allowing RV renters to tow units on there own as well deliver rv rental unit to the campsite but the demand for Motorhomes / Coaches are on the rise. RV Rentals Nationwide receives thousands of requests every month for people wanting to rent a rv and drive a motorhome to many different events such as NASCAR, Church events, disaster relief and many other situations that RV Rentals Nationwide has always been involved in.

RV owners that don’t use there RV that much now have the opportunity to make money in the RV Rental Business buy just signing up on a site to list there RV for Rent. This affiliate program came about because RV Rentals Nationwide had been referring out allot of the overflow business to other RV Rental companies. RV Owner will soon be able to showcase there RV for everyone to see. RV Owner will be able to sign up to deliver there RV to the customer and /or allow the customer to pick up the RV on there own. More money is to be made for Owner Operators that are willing to deliver there RV Rental property to the RV Renter on demand.

With Motorhomes renting out about 11 to 12 months of and year and travel trailers renting out about 6 to 7 months of the year Real estate investors are wanting to get involved to profit from some of the rental income.. All RV Rental Units will carry a Million dollar liability RV Rental policy to make it no risk for the investor.

Allot of people are buying real-estate left and right but if one was to do the math the “RV property management way is the way to go”.

If a Real estate Investor takes a $100,000 (30) year mortgage on a house hey would stand to pay approximately $655 at 6%. If a real-estate investor was to rent out their home one might be able to rent it at $850 a month if they were lucky.

Depending on the RV Rental Unit the real-estate Owner make up to $2450 a month off a $50,000 Motorhome by using the RV Rental Nationwide Reservation System to keep there unit booked out as much as possible, if they had more than one then the number would double.

RV Rentals Nationwide equips each RV Rental unit with GPS tracking to further protect the RV Rental investor’s interest as well.

Motorhome Fleet Management is available for all. For more information on the contents of this article please contact RV Rentals Nationwide Directly at (866) 610-4931 Ext 60.

Learn more about RV Rental Income. Stop by to find out all about Renting your RV and what it can do for you.

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