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Residents set up monitoring to “catch fierce”

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Yesterday 9:26, Ms. Yu who was sleeping, vaguely heard the talking from a household, “Oh, that person threw it again, so smelly”. She quickly opened the door and saw that the door has a big lump of feces with toilet paper wrapped, and there was a horrible smell from time to time. She immediately called the police.

At the same time, she got back to the room and opened surveillance camera and found a man stuck his head out to “lookout”, ten seconds later, the filth fell down. Her neighbors and she suspected that the man was the people who threw filth for two years. Patrol arrived at the scene according to reports, and then went to the man’s room to knock the door, but no one answered for a long time. The neighborhood staff that came later can not knock the man’s door.

According to Ms. Yu introduced that she bought a house here last year, but she did not expect to be frequently disturbed by these dirty things (door access control). Because the residents did not know who threw this things, so suspicious of each other. On September 13, she spent $104 to buy and install a surveillance camera at a friend’s help. And she did not expect that it “stares” on that “strange man” yesterday.

A household living in the same unit with Ms. Yu said: “these two years, the man threw two times a day, and sometimes throw three times, it is terrible. Seventy-eight days later he will stop throwing consecutive days, followed by continued (access control fingerprint).”

The other tenants said very excitedly: “The last time I enjoy cool air in the downstairs, he smashed down the rotten pepper, but fortunately I flash quickly. And he threw watermelon rind, rotten tomatoes and cigarette butts sometimes.”from: top rated home safes

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