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Sakura Financial Group – Gold To Consolidate After New Record…

Todays Date: January 23, 2019

“Sakura Financial Group”: Gold is certain to surge through the $1300 per oz barrier before the year is out.

“Sakura Financial Group” analysts have told clients that their forecasts for the price of gold in 2010 are within a hair’s breadth of being realized after the yellow metal reached an all-time high of $1274.95 in brisk trading this week.

That the price was reached on fairly strong volume of trading suggests that there is room for the price to run but “Sakura Financial Group” cautioned clients to wait for the inevitable consolidation before increasing positions as traders and investors take profits.

The firm says it is in no doubt that whether the expectation is for deflation or inflation, gold will continue to appreciate. “As far as we’re concerned, governments around the world are in a race to depreciate their currencies so as to make their exports cheaper and stimulate the creation of jobs. The US wants the Chinese to allow the yuan to appreciate, the British and the Eurozone want sterling and the euro cheaper too and they’re all pursuing policies that are designed to erode the value of the note in your wallet so it’s no surprise that gold is doing its job here”, said one “Sakura Financial Group” trader.

Gold was not the sole beneficiary of the flight to quality as silver surged to its highest level since March 2008 reaching $20.47 per oz.

“Sakura Financial Group” also warned clients that the European debt crisis was far from over and that structural debt problems in both Greece and Ireland would return to haunt the euro sooner or later. The firm provides exposure to precious metals through both physical holdings and ETFs.

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