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Technical Analysis 101

Todays Date: November 20, 2018

Forecasting the directions and market is done using technical analysis. Knowing the definition of technical analysis will help you understand. This is done early in the market performance. It keeps track of the prices and volume. Watching the market for a while is generally how this is done.

Near the end of the 19th century the modern technical analysis was created by studying the Dow Theory. Carefully paying attention to different items on the market is how it is done. A pattern will begin to develop that can be followed.

Maximum amount of cash flow will follow when the pattern has been discovered. Following the pattern of a product will let you understand and then make money. Financial people and traders are the people that benefit from this the most.

Analysts think that the past stock market trends will give way to the future trends that can be followed and used. By watching the past is should yield what the future will do so decisions can be developed.

When people know when the stocks are going to rise and fall they can sell off so they don’t go broke. But this is not an exact method and can still lose money if relied upon as a sole source for the stock market.

The people that use this method develop charts to help them determine the long and short term information. If the charts are used properly they will help put together a view of what has happened and what is too come.

There are books, classes and other experts that teach this technique for investing funds. But this does not produce a regular out come so it can be dangerous to use this as the only method for investment. The top down approach is used when putting this together. There is simple and complex information. If a person is using this method then they are using the theory that goes with it.

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