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Ten Chinese ancestral roots culture commercial parts

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

Back in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, Yuncheng began to occur, “start business at the noon, the goods for all the people, gathered the goods from everywhere, after the business deal, everyone gets what they want ” foreign trade transactions. When Duke Wen of Jin dominated, Anyi has been a famous foreign trade market town. The first person to open China foreign trade precedent is Yi Dun, live in Linyi County of Yuncheng city. It can be said that the Chinese business industry, began in Sanjin; the business industry of Sanjin, the root in Yuncheng.

Yi Dun lived in Xun area of the Warring States period (Yishi town, Linyi County in Yuncheng City now). His family was poor when he was young, “farming is always hungry, and mulberry is often cold.” As he prayed for the revitalization strategy for family financial situation, Tao Zhugong Fan Li came to Jiaoyi village of Xun area (now Linyi County, TaiFan Village) to doctrine and live in, he heard “go to ask the surgery.” Tao Zhugong told him: “If you want to rich faster, should raise the animals. “Yi Dun enlightened, go back home, after sophisticated plan, to come up all of their own meager savings, to buy some small livestock and poultry with low prices and breeding carefully. A few years later, he filled circle in swine and sheep, flocks of mule.

Still in use He also opened two routes, steadily sold “Lu salt” of Yuncheng to Qilu, Qin Chuan, the Western Regions as well as the Persian Gulf and other places.

Yi Dun shipped salts to foreign trade, and exchange for groups of pearl agate, jade jewelry from the Western Regions, and set up more than 50 jewelry stores along the way around, and even extended in Qi, Lu, Yan, Chu and other vassal state, eventually become generation jewelry tycoon. Jewelry business, not only make Yi Dun as rich as kings, also made him has a high level of appreciation to the jewelry. Han Liuan, “Huainanzi • Fanlun Xun” to praise: ” Yi Dun has a very high level to appreciation of jewelry, which can be compared with Bole views horses ” With the growing scale of foreign trade, people from all over the places came to Xun area and trading with Yi Dun. Yi Dun’ village areas have gradually evolved from a livestock market to a famous business town. Later, Yi Dun established the first store in the history of China (China trade), later known as ” Yi Dun City.” Ruins of ancient city wall are still far.

Yi Dun pay attention to exert their own advantage, opened the first long-distance trafficking precedent of Chinese history; after he became rich, he made the broad-line benevolence, charity, ” help the government and pay the tax is good for the country, understand and help the poor people is good for the public” the officials respected him (wholesale products), the public respected him; he summarized his own business ideas, business experience and business methods, formed “Proverbs set “, is still circulating. These have generated a great deal of influence later people. Therefore, the descendants considered him as a commercial industry originator. Yi Dun’s business ideas, for Yuncheng, Shanxi Province and even the development of the country-commerce industry undoubtedly played a role of enlightenment and foundation.from: china electronics

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