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The Ages Of Gold

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

From the beginning of mankind, gold has passed through different stages changing the perspective upon the precious metal but never grounding it.

Some evidence we have starts even from the Holly Bible mentioning a certain land which had gold in its hypogeal. Other masterpieces in literature mention the presence of gold in different epochs and in different parts of the world. Its quantity is said to be large enough to build three villas with twelve rooms.

This is thanks to its malleability and to the fact that leaves can easily e created from this metal. Maybe the entire quantity of the present world could be loaded on a large boat but who would have the courage to ensure such a charge.

Returning to the written proof of the gold’s existence, there are many legends and myths talking about the first moments gold was perceived in different parts of the world. Another written proof is the first gold map drawn on a papyrus.
Egypt abounds in legends and in spots where the yellow metal had been discovered. Besides this, at the beginning, only the important Egyptians could have access to gold, the metal of gods.

From that idea of immortality maintained through the practice of the kings of having gold mortuary masks, the glittering metal reached a different dimension. It was the equivalent of money and after king Croesus of Lydia minted the first gold coin, all kings followed his example.

Nowadays there are 12 important gold coins in the world. But where could they find gold in the world? The Greek and the Romans tried to solve this problem even from antiquity when they tried to improve the extracting process. Getting closer to present, around 1840, people seemed to have gone crazy and searching for gold became a goal for living. The famous period of the gold rush from America is the best example.

Even though so many centuries have passed, this yellow metal still has not lost its strength. In fact it seems stronger than ever, like a grown up who feels its oats. . If you want to benefit from its power, all you have to do is to buy it as gold is immortal.

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