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The Gold In The English Channel

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Back in 1744 the former star of the Royal Navy fleet sank in the English Channel on a stormy. A recent discovery shows that the ship took down with it more than one billion dollars worth of gold.

The vessel that was said to be carrying 1.100 people and the gold treasure was found by an American salvage company in international waters in the year 2008. According to the rules regarding sovereign warships, the British Government has the right to control the excavation and also, to claim the artifacts found.

The salvage company that found the ship is trying to convince the Government to collaborate on the project. According to the company representatives, the vessel was returning from Lisbon and was transporting 100.000 gold Portuguese coins. The American company is specialized in searching for valuable ships and this has not been the most important discovery it made.

The vessel was the most heavily armed ship of its days and it is said that it was returning from Portugal after it had sailed there to rescue a Mediterranean convoy that was blocked by the French. The exact place of the discovery was not released to the press in order not to attract any unwanted visitors.

The relations between the British Government and the American company have been cordial. However, this has not prevented the company to file records to the Federal Court in which it claimed exclusive rights to the finding. Company representatives have motivated the claim by saying that the site where the ship was found is not located in English territorial waters. A spokesman for the Minister of Defense declared that if the ship is proved to be of English origin, then nobody has the right to take any action without the consent of the United Kingdom.

Gold has been and will be one of the most important assets that anyone can own. Economists advise us to invest in this precious metal in order to diversify our portfolio.

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