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The iPhone 4s inferior goods most depend score

Todays Date: January 21, 2019

iphone the 4s parallel import to estimate that in November arrives at the depth, north 32G version Huaqiang sensationalizing to 8000 Yuan .The professional reminds, parallel import possible hidden “moisture content”, the inferior goods most depend on the spectrum

The newspaper news (by Ruan Yuanyuan) iphone 4s in aspects and so on processor, photograph ability and pronunciation assistant, before having iphone, the generation to be unable place of the comparison, lets many white powder on ripe apples or other fruit worry hope. The public discusses to iphone 4s and Qiaobusi heat has not diverged, north Shenzhen’s Huaqiang’s iphone the 4s parallel import sells in advance has hastened fiery.   Reporter visited north Huaqiang the electronic market to find that yesterday, iphone the 4s first batch parallel import will come about November deeply, each price from 5000 Yuan to 8000 Yuan different, but inferior goods or after new year’s celebration sold in Shenzhen each big apple authorization sale point. The professional reminds, first batch parallel import possibly really hidden “moisture content”, Shenzhen fruit fan should better not want “to taste fresh” easily. Not readily believes the business oral pledge, in order to avoid lets the deposit throw away carelessly.

Market: iphone the 4s parallel import reservation fries to 8000 Yuan   Reporter visited 4 to declare that stochastically yesterday might order iphone 4s the small store, various stores boss expressed that Shenzhen white powder on ripe apples or other fruit was quite high to the iphone 4s enthusiasm.

It is not willing to disclose that name boss told the reporters: before “iphone 4s has not issued, already had Shenzhen’s start to order iphone to me 5. Now iphone 4s is not only Shenzhen consumers buy, the land also carries in-line reservation from us.”

Compares one year ago the iphone 4 first batch parallel imports to land Shenzhen is price group when production costs rise, prices rise too, iphone 4s is having “Qiaobusi is last section of apple handset before death” the corona, its sensationalizing price is goes beyond.   Reporter found yesterday, 16G, 32G and 64G first batch register north Huaqiang iphone 4s, its selling price in 5000~8000 Yuan different.

 “The first batch parallel import should come from US at present, is the belt locks, has no way to telephone. Whether there is if in the source of goods can lock the version, the price will be higher.”A surname boss Tang told the reporters.  

Influence: the iphone 4 prices slightly have drop iphone around the 4s inferior goods New Year’s celebration to come deeply

However, what is worth mentioning, this boss disclosed that gives reporter: “because in the contour not the too big difference and the improvement, iphone 4 sells now very well. American iphone 4 reduced prices, us the price was only the cheap several hundred Yuan.” In several the other day iphone at the 4s release conference, the first batch inferior goods which the Apple Company announced sells the time is on October 14, the second batch of time was on October 28, the third batch sold the time are at the end of December. But reporter north Huaqiang the apple sale authorization shop, this shop sales clerk told reporter yesterday: “Shenzhen’s inferior goods to each shop, must most quickly after the third batch sell. We estimated that around the New Year’s celebration Shenzhen each apple authorization sale point can have sells iphone 4s.( wholesale iPhone 4S cases)”

Delivers in advance the deposit to be discrete   The inferior goods most depend on the spectrum .In the interview, the professional also reminds, as first batch as Shenzhen’s parallel import, although possibly about November, but first batch parallel import possibly really hidden “moisture content”, Shenzhen fruit fan should better not want “to taste fresh” easily. “Has lock’s iphone 4s (best iPhone 4S case) only to be able in the partial national use, but also limits the operator. After the unlocking, sells the price will change expensive. Not locked inserts motion or the link SIM card has been good.”This professional suggested: “if you have paid the deposit, how others did draw cash run have managed? I suggested that the best ranking three large stocks of goods to Hong Kong, or inland had sell start to buy again. May examine handset’s quality personally in Shenzhen orHong Kong, facilitates the maintenance cheaply, the price also many.”

 At present, north Shenzhen Huaqiang iphone the 4s reservation amount then about 2000 Yuan, estimated that the first batch parallel import each Taiwan’s selling price is soars different to 5000 Yuan to 8000 Yuan. This professional estimated that when if around the consumer celebrates the New Year to purchase Shenzhen inferior goods again, iphone (iPhone 4S covers) the 4s selling price respectively will be at the appointed time about about the 16G4500 Yuan, the 32G5000 Yuan, and the 64G 5800 Yuan.

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