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The Origins Of Gold

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Gold has been valued from its first discovery for its beauty, density, and scarcity. Using it for money did not give gold its value. In fact, for a long time it was not used for monetary value at all.

Gold was first used for religious purposes, given to royalties, and for ornamental purposes. It was used to decorate temples and homes with statues and other decorative pieces. Eventually individuals used it to decorate themselves.

Many people wondered and developed theories of the origin of gold. The Greeks believed that the gold was a mixture of water and sunlight. This is because gold was found in or near streams of water.

The first gold coins that were used for the purpose of money was about 700 B.C. Lydian merchants produced the coins. The coins consisted of 63% gold and 27% silver.

The use of gold coins spread as an international way of buying goods. Many individuals would use it to buy spices from India or the silks in China. Gold coins went so far as to replace the system of bartering.

Investing in gold today is a wise choice because gold still has value. Because gold has always held its value, it is considered a safe investment. This is just one safe investment that is available through a self directed IRA.

The self directed IRA offers many investing options. Out of all of the options, the safest one is gold. Gold is guaranteed to hold its value and will more than likely increase in value.

Another benefit in the self directed IRA is that the owner of the account gets to make all of the decisions regarding the account. This means that no bank or broker company will tell the individual what to do with their investments. The owners are not alone though. They have the help of a custodian who can offer advice and make sure that they follow IRA regulations.

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