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The powers of the president

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

The president of United State of America possesses a numerous constitutional and political power as no other president of any other country can possess. The president at a time is the formal head of the nation and the head of the executive. The US president is like the king of England and governs like the prime minister. It is true that the formers of the constitution always tried to make the president as the most powerful ruler, but except the constitutional power many other thing such as speech and decision of the judicial department, conventional principles and practices, laws of congress etc. enhanced the power of the US president.

If we want to identify the source of the US president’s power, fundamentally we will get five sources.

First one is the Constitution, which given the absolute important powers to the president. The governance, laws and several judicial powers of president are mentioned in the constitution. Which boundary of power has been fixed for the president in the constitution, the president apply from those. Ultimately constitution is the main source of US president’s power.

Second source is congress, which provided several administrative powers to the hand of the president through several laws, because constitution didn’t depict about all powers and activities. Power to employ public employee, power to impose rules or orders, power to take decision for several important matter etc. are some example of congress’s provided powers. Beside these Congress gave the power for arising and constituting budget. Other hand according to the Reciprocal Trade Act -1934 the president has the power of imposing trade duty.
Third source is the Supreme Court, which in several sector explaining the constitution enhanced the power of the president. Here a decision of Supreme Court regarding a case can be mentioned, in the case of Mayer Vs. United State, 1926 the Supreme Court gave its decision that the president can individually sack any public employee. And in this case he can ignore for any consult in the senate.

Fourth one is the US Convention, which created so many power for the president and which are not mentioned in the Constitution. For instance, there is no mention for the Cabinet system in the US constitution. But the president created a Cabinet for the better administration of Washington activities. And from that time the Cabinet system has been continuing as a tradition. Originally, the constitution made a structure regarding the power and activities of the president, but latterly to control the situation many custom, system and unwritten legislation has been established. In these ways the conventions enhanced the boundary of president’s power.
The last one is specific president’s previous role, authority and intelligence, which enhanced the boundary of the power of the president.

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