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The Value Of Gold Reaches Record High

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Gold is real money, real wealth. No other form of currency has endured the test of time as it has. Its resiliency goes back thousands of years, and its position as an uncomparable storehouse of wealth should go on for another 5,000.

Currencies all over the world, every single year, go down and down in value, and that’s why every single year prices of goods and services go up. The money in your pocket or in your bank is effectively worth less and less each year. Your money is now buying way less than what it would have bought you 100 years ago, whereas an amount of gold bought a 100 years ago would now buy you way more.

Those who have been wise enough to already invest in gold have been making huge profits. At the moment, an ounce of Gold costs a record $1150; compare that to the $34 an ounce it cost in’70, and it’s not difficult to see why it is such a good investment. There’s no need to think that you’ve already missed out on the opportunity though, and that it has already peaked in value, as the last year alone has seen a 30% increase in the value of gold, and big investment firms are predicting that the $2000 ounce is not so far away.

The best way to invest in gold is to buy actual physical gold you can see touch and smell, which is why everybody lately has been investing in gold coins. Buying gold bars is another option, but this is beyond a lot of people due to the huge upfront cost needed. With gold coins though, they come in smaller, more affordable options, meaning that they are accessible to even small or first time investors. You can also divide up your investment and sell any amount off while leaving the balance untouched.

So, where is the best place to purchase gold coins? You can buy them from either a local gold coin store or from an online coin store. Whichever you opt for, be sure to only go with a reputable seller, ideally one that has reviews and testimonials that you can actually check up on. You don’t need a great deal of money to start with, and with just a few hundred dollars you can start amassing your future fortune.

I’ll leave you with this final point: A report performed by Collector’s Universe showed that one thousand dollars invested in rare gold coins in’70 is now worth $57,977.00. Sounds good, right?

For more information on the best places to buy gold coins visit http://www.gold-coins.com.au, where you can also see the latest gold price.

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