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Valenti International / Savers At Mercy Of Government Ineptitude …

Todays Date: November 20, 2018

“Valenti International”: Those planning for retirement are seeing the goalposts being moved.

“Valenti International” has given their starkest warning yet to UK savers and investors relying upon traditional methods of earning returns on their nest eggs. The firm issued a supplement to the scheduled client newsletter in which it slammed the actions of the Bank Of England and the previous government who, it claimed, had “punishing the prudent to save the reckless”.

Its warning centered on the controversial quantitative easing program the Bank had used to stimulate lending. The consensus is that, eventually, the banks will stop hoarding money and begin lending again most likely adding to existing inflationary pressures that are currently keeping UK CPI and RPI numbers markedly above Bank Of England forecasts.

Valenti International” suggests that those who have been sensible in the run up to and during the financial crisis are unable to rely on traditional savings accounts that pay pitiful returns because the BoE continues to hold rates at all-time lows. They also said that pensions relying on stock market performance for growth could be compromised if the Bank has to raise interest rates to curb an inflationary spiral.

“The ordinary saver is caught between a rock and a hard place and they could be forgiven for thinking the deck is stacked against them,” said one “Valenti International” analyst.

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