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Why I chose dental hygiene

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Recent sociological studies have lead to a firm conclusion that in line with the traditional social stratification system, people are known by the various socializing institutions that models and describes them; these includes among other things, professional groups, religious confessions, political blocs and a host of others. Members of the various social institutions share some common characteristics, interests, passions and values.
It is against this background that my essay will be built on the foundational premise of the former institution as stated above to become the fulcrum that will gyrate the direction of my personality. A critical assessment of my interest and abilities leaves me with the firm conviction that among all the diverse professional listings, the health sector is one area that will provide me with the needed personal fulfillment. Within the wider scope of the medical profession the area of dental hygiene is more appealing to me than the rest, therefore my resolve to choose it as my preferred career dream.
As a passionate individual, I am moved by the desire to render services to the physically afflicted particularly to the most vulnerable and destitute. Available statistics indicate that the Canadian population is aging at an alarming rate with an overall increase in 2.3 years from 1996 to the year 2001. Clearly, from the forgoing statistical information, indications are that the services of dental hygiene specialists will increase over threefold in the not distant future; judging from the fact that the older folk are at a relatively greater risk of suffering from prolonged dental complications.
The nature of the flexibility of the job will allow me enough latitude to engage in order equally vital engagements besides the clinical activities. In addition, being an outgoing person the job of a dental specialist will provide the platform for me to actively interact with new patients and people around. In sum, it is a professional area that will enable me contribute my quota to the cause of humanity, thereby making me a fully paid up member of the human family.

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