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Why Is “The Power Spike Mechanical Stock Trading System” So Popular Among Stock Traders?

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

The stock market offers incredible moneymaking opportunities. In fact, did you know that more than FIFTY BILLION dollars change hands every day on the New York Stock Exchange?

It’s absolutely true. And you have tremendous opportunities to earn big profits out of this huge river of money.

Savvy stock traders use superior trade systems to identify high profit potential situations and earn money. And the Power Spike Mechanical Stock Trading System has taken the country by storm; it has become a national phenomenon and a favorite for thousands of traders.

Why do so many stock traders absolutely love this trading system?


Strong technical patterns are the foundation for consistent, reliable and profitable mechanical stock trading systems. These patterns can be located and identified on a stock chart. They consistently predict what the price is going to do next.

The Power Spike Mechanical Stock Trading System is the product of a sound technical pattern called a “Power Spike”. A power spike happens when the volume of one day is a lot higher than the average volume of recent days.

It is one day where the volume spikes up and stands out from the recent volume.

This very high level of volume indicates a moment of extreme emotional trading, people are jumping into and out of this stock very quickly. This is a moment of impulsive trading.

Big moves in price often follow as a response to high levels of emotional trading. A power spike is a very strong indicator that a huge move is imminent.


Huge profits is just one of the unique and outstanding features of the Power Spike Mechanical Stock Trading System. The big move that follows a power spike is often strong and covers a large distance.

Price distance equals profits. And a power spike trade can often produce double-digit profits within just a few short days.

Strong internal momentum is built due to the emotional trading occurring on the spike day, and this momentum is released in the ensuing price move. This produces a price surge that typically covers a large distance and moves very quickly.

The Power Spike Mechanical Stock Trading System is a favorite for many traders because it lets you get in and earn huge returns within a very short period of time. It produces big profits very quickly.

And isn’t that exactly what you want?


How can you locate this highly profitable technical pattern?

There are several ways you can identify a power spike, but one method is considered the best. This method uses a technical indicator called Bollinger Bands.

Apply Bollinger Bands to the volume data. A power spike occurs when the volume penetrates the upper band.

The intensity and strength of the power spike is determined by how much of the total volume appears above the upper band. Stronger spikes increase the odds of a successful trade.

As a general rule, I only consider trading spikes where a minimum of 15% of the total volume appears above the upper band. Less than 15% penetration usually signals a weak spike.

This method of power spike identification provides an additional benefit. It allows you to rank and compare spikes in multiple stocks. A 42% penetration spike in stock “A” is preferred to a 29% penetration spike in stock “B”.

This method of ranking power spikes is a great way to make initial trade selections.


A power spike by itself is not a signal to jump into a stock trade. The trade signal will occur sometime after the power spike develops, usually with a few days.

Before you invest money you must first know which direction the expected move is likely to go and when you should pull the trigger and get into the trade. These questions are answered by how the price reacts after the power spike occurs.

A terrific way to trade this incredibly profitable pattern is by using the Power Spike Mechanical Stock Trading System. It is a resource you should consider very seriously. Few technical patterns can match the reliability and profitability the power spike offers.

Are you ready to earn huge profits very quickly?

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