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World Renowned Franklin Mint Silver Coins

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

The Franklin mint Corporation is a private company which was established in the 1960s in Pennsylvania. It produces one of the most iconic coin like collectibles known as the Franklin mint Silver coin.

The company was started by Joseph Segal who launched quite a few collectibles under the corporate brand name. For Americans it is considered a staple American brand, and is sought after by lower income classes.

The first item off the production line was the privately minted gold and silver commemorative medallions. Over the years the company developed more items for the collectors and buyers interested in Franklin mint collectibles.

A sharp increase in the value of silver in the 1960s brought all silver coins out of domestic exchange. Some casinos were making use of silver dollars in slot machines which actually became worth much more than a dollar.

An official fact is that Franklin mint silver coins were used in the place of real silver dollar coins in casinos.

The Franklin Mint factory was a massive production facility with the facility to produce numerous sets of coins, ingots and theme based medallions. These were sold on the subscription plan where buyers would order a periodic shipment of the various

Even though the Franklin Mint silver coins are the most popular of the entire product range, the company forayed into creating coin shaped collectible items from other precious and semi precious metals to increase the appeal and value of their products.

These extensions to the range are often theme based and used the classic are masterpieces to create different appealing designs. Some of the products even feature celebrated and popular personalities.

These moderately priced coins caused a collectors flurry in purchase as they were priced competitively in terms of the cost of silver.

The Mint went onto enhance the value of the collectibles by creating beautiful wooden cases in custom packing along with fancy elegant packing that further enhanced the presentation of the product. Special certificates were also issued for the individual pieces and established the authenticity and charm of the pieces.

Introducing the above mentioned features had the impact of raising the purchase price of Franklin Mint coins. As the company was introducing these features to make their products silver prices began to rise.

This resulted in a slump in sales and the company then had to utilize metals like pewter and bronze to make the products affordable for their clients. However, these metals did not hold the same charm as the beautiful silver coins produced originally by the Franklin mint company.

Canadian Silver coins make great gifts as they will increase in value with time. For more in depth guidance on buying Franklin Mint commemorative coins follow the above links.

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