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Business Financing Through Merchant Cash Advance

Todays Date: December 10, 2018

Looking for a way to get business financing, but having a difficult time? If so, then you are already aware of the different hurdles that you need to overcome, especially if you are trying to get your loan through the banks. Trying to get business financing through traditional financial institutions means having to meet all sorts of difficult terms. If you want to be able to have access to business finance easily, then going for a merchant cash advance is a sound solution.

You might now be wondering what a merchant cash advance is and how to obtain business financing with it. Simply put, a merchant cash advance is among the most hassle-free means of obtain financing for your business. It’s already well-known in the US but is relatively new in the UK. Generally, all types of businesses, whether small or large, will be able to avail of one as long as their main method of doing sales involves credit card transactions. It works as a cash advance that is determined largely by the volume of your credit card sales, that is, the amount of your cash advance is dependent on the average volume of your business’s credit card transactions each month. This is what makes it unique.

A myriad of benefits are offered through a merchant cash advance that banks and other similar institutions would not be able to match. Some of them are the following:

1. They often get approved within 24 hours, unlike small business loans through banks which could take weeks to be approved, that is, if they ever get approved at all.

2. You will normally be able to get the funds that you need within 10 business days after the approval of your merchant cash advance. This will be invaluable to your business growth plans.

3. A merchant cash advance is flexible. You can use the funds that you will be getting in any way that you want. When you get a traditional loan from banks, you would only be allowed to use the funds for one particular purpose.

4. Worrying about paying a fixed lump sum monthly is something that you can do away with when you go for a merchant cash advance. Why? Your monthly repayment is dependent on the volume of your average daily credit card sales. The less you have, the less you to repay.

5. Getting your merchant cash advance topped-up is easy as long as you have paid some percentage of it. You can do it without re-application.

6. Your credit rating or your business’s credit rating will not be affected in any adverse manner when you go for a merchant cash advance.

7. There is no need for collateral in order for it to get approved.

If you still aren’t convinced how your business can greatly benefit from a merchant cash advance, you just need to talk to a merchant cash advance specialist. Route all your concerns through him or her and for sure, your doubts will be erased. To be able to experience its advantages, all you need to make sure of is to be in business for at least a year now at have some credit card sales!

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