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Novated Lease- Most Sought After By Employers And Employees

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

A novated lease is a kind of automobile lease widespread in Australia that allocates a company to lease a motor vehicle, in support of, any member of the staff, with the accountability for the lease lying with the employee and the lease expenses being made from the employee’s pre-tax wages.

In Australia, a novated lease is usually a three way contract (“novation contract”) connecting an employer, worker and lease company, under which the employee leases a motor vehicle from the lease company, and employer is in agreement to undertake the employee’s commitments under the lease.

There are three major sorts of novated lease: a novated finance lease, where only the vehicle is leased, a fully maintained novated lease, where the vehicle and its operating expenses are absorbed into the lease, and a fully maintained novated operating lease, where the vehicle and its operational expenditures are enclosed into the lease, and the outstanding value risk is assumed by the lesser.

Benefits in favor of the employee:

1. Prospective for considerable income tax savings.

2. Savings on GST that would usually be acquired on vehicle operating expenses.

3. Probable access to volume discounts if the employer has many motor vehicles in   this plan.

4. Extra flexibility in the selection of a car weighed against a company car agreement

Vehicle stays with the employee and can be reallocated to a new employer.

Benefits meant for the employer:

1. A mean to offer an efficient boost in employees’ earnings with no or negligible expenditure to the business.

2. Potentially a commercial option in operating a fleet of company vehicles

Compared to company cars, the business does not presume any danger for the vehicles.

3. Compared to company cars, employee vehicles are “off the books”.

Making use of a novated lease to fund your automobile does not signify that it can merely be used for business uses only. The car can be used for your private use and also in any other way that fits you. As, repayments are often lesser than car loan repayments in this agreement, as a result, it is an attractive option for any person who is struggling to afford a car loan.

Overall, it is very simple to know why this sort of automobile financing is gaining so much fame these days.

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