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Debt Free Living Options

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

If you are in debt, then there is little you might think of other than getting out of it. A debt can be quite a burden to the point of causing to you even lose sleep over it. Here are a few options for becoming debt free.

Negotiate with your creditors

First, you can try to do it yourself. If you think your debt has become too much for you to handle to pay off then you can consider negotiating with your creditors. Let them know your current financial condition and negotiate with them to offer you some kind of reduction. Sometimes, lenders will waive your late fees, or other charges. They do it simply because they consider that getting at least their money back is better than getting nothing at all.

Reduce your credit card use

Credit cards can cause you to land in a big financial soup. Hence, you should use them with caution. It is better to cut any extra credit cards while keeping only one or maximum two credit cards for yourself.

Discipline yourself

Begin to pay off the cards that charge you the highest interest, while making the minimum payments on the rest of the cards. This will help you pay back faster. Try to make some extra income come in; take up some extra job if you have to and cut down your expenses.

This will require self-discipline. However, if you follow this then you will be able to get out of debt for sure.

Go for debt consolidation

If you own too many credit cards or if you have accumulated multiple debts, then you can consider debt consolidation. This is a good option because generally, you can obtain a debt consolidation loan at a lower rate of interest if you can offer some collateral. This is a good way to start things over and do it the right way.

On the other hand, if you have fallen into the habit of taking credit and if you do not have any control on your spending, then, this debt consolidation will not do anything for your deeper issues.

Go for credit counseling

In case you are confident that you will be able to negotiate with your creditor then you can seek help from credit counseling services. They will help you negotiate while also helping you to manage your debt through a debt management program.

File for bankruptcy

This should be absolutely the last option for anybody in a debt. In fact, you should avoid it as far as it is possible for you. However, sometimes the circumstances demand that you take such a step. Remember that it will do much harm to your credit for the coming number of years. You will have to work very hard to wipe it off your credit report.

Before selecting any of the above options, you should first consider if you have any hidden deeper issue regarding finances that you need to solve. Only then will you truly be able to benefit from these solutions.

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