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Do Chiropractors Hurt Your Chances of Obtaining Lawsuit Loans? Part II

Todays Date: November 15, 2018

Part I of this series revealed that many insurance carriers seek to convince individuals that the services chiropractors perform hurt, not help, your chances of obtaining a lawsuit loan. Although insurance carriers have many reasons to assert the foregoing, the fact is that settlement funding is often enhanced because chiropractors are willing to see those who suffer injury due to the fault of someone else’s negligence, providing care and treatment that physicians and surgeons refuse to provide, working closely with the injured individuals and also attempt to coordinate care with physicians and surgeons willing to co-manage such cases.

The likelihood of obtaining a lawsuit loan is increased when the extent of injuries and losses are clearly demonstrated in your record. When the physician from whom you seek care following such injuries either fails or refuses to acknowledge the mechanism causing your injuries, in many cases referencing instead a covered medical condition, settlement funding will be difficult to obtain.

If chiropractors experienced and knowledgeable in the management of such cases accept your case, they can be of tremendous value to the lender, as well as both you and your attorney.

It is very difficult to establish the extent of injuries sustained if there is no mention the mechanism by which those injuries occurred in the medical record. Your attorney’s options are limited. There is little that you can do once this is discovered. One reason, and one reason only, serves as the basis of this situation’s frequent occurrence. Losses arising as a result of someone else’s (i.e., third-party) negligence are not covered by most insurance policies.

The best way for physicians to avoid this obstacle is to pretend that the third-party played no role in your injuries. This is often the lynchpin on which the insurance carrier will deny that you suffered injury in the first place!

The extensive training chiropractors receive in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating those conditions that serve as the basis of the claim for which you are seeking settlement funding was discussed in Part I. Your chances of obtaining a lawsuit loan will certainly be increased when both the extent and nature of your injuries are documented thoroughly!

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