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Todays Date: January 16, 2019

When it comes to mortgages, many individuals don’t refinance. A significant number are oblivious they have the option of switching their loan to different financier; others are simply apathetic. They stick with their very first loaner and the “reward” for such loyalty tends to be higher interest rates. Due to the order of magnitude of mortgages and the tenure that the housing loan is amortised over, the interest we are speaking about here can easy extend from 1000’s to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Take a look at the following components to see whether it’s time for you to consider refinancing.

Current Mortgage Interest Rate

It is decidedly a positive indication for you to research refinancing when your current interest rate is higher than available mortgage packages on the market. A first step to take is to go back to your current bank or financial institution and ask them to revise your package, otherwise known as repricing. If your lender comes back with an offer, it will usually be better than your current one. You can then compare this offer with offers from other lenders to see whether you should switch or stay put.

Lock-in and Clawback Periods

When you take up a mortgage, there may be a lock-in period where your housing lender will charge you a penalty fee, normally a percentage of your outstanding loan value, if you were to fully repay your loan. Almost all housing loans also come with a clawback period where the lender will claim back “freebies”, such as legal subsidies, that they “gave” you when you take up your loan (Note: lock-in period is separate from clawback period). It may not be worthwhile for you to refinance due to such costs.

Loan Quantum

The larger your loan amount, the greater your savings for the same reduction in interest rates. For example, 1% on a loan of S$100,000 is much less than 1% on a loan of S$500,000. However, fixed cost to refinancing, which comprises mainly of legal fees, do not vary much with loan quantum. The difference between your current and refinancing interest rates, therefore, has to be bigger for a comparatively smaller loan as fixed cost eats into a more substantial portion of your interest rate savings.

Perceived Interest Rate Movements

Your view on how interest rates is moving can be a factor when considering whether you should refinance. If you are presently on a fixed rate package and think interest rates are dropping, you may want to refinance to a floating rate package. Conversely, if you are on floating rates and believe interest rates are skyrocketing, shifting to fixed rates may be a positive choice.

Individual Financial Appraisal

If there is a change in your financial state, you may want to alter your package details via refinancing. For example, you are starting your own company and do not want unpredictability in other areas. Give some thought to taking up a fixed rate package. Maybe you want cash to invest in different place. Consider raising your loan quantum. Or your monthly income has increased and you want to minimise interest loan payments. Consider reducing your loan tenure.

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