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How To Secure A Homeloan In A Recession

Todays Date: November 21, 2018

A recession brings on economic uncertainty. Consumers aren’t willing to spend money, and banks aren’t always willing to lend it. But believe it or not, a recession is a good time to save money on a home loan, as long as you are prepared.

Recessions represent an ideal time to take out a home loan because banks are more willing to offer cheaper interest rates. The cheaper rate can save the buyer thousands of dollars over the duration of the loan. Who doesn’t want that?

You need a high credit score to qualify for good home loan rates during a recession. Check your report for errors, and if you find them, get them corrected. If you have high balances on your credit cards, pay those off. If you have late payments, establish an on time payment history of at least six months. A year is even better.

Money in the bank is needed secondly. A direct deposit, between 15-20% is needed along with reserves. Reserves are the money put aside in the bank for repayment of the first two to three months of the loan. The bank needs to make sure you have the appropriate income for the loan.

Always carry documents that verify employment, income, and assets. The individual cannot simply tell the lender he has a job and expect to win the loan. No, documentation includes paycheck stubs and bank account statements.

The documentation is even more important if you are applying for a home loan during a recession because the lender needs proof you can afford the home loan and will make the monthly payments. Collect the necessary documentation early and have it on hand prior to applying for the home loan.

Do not let the recession scare you away from a home loan. The recession is like the boogie monster. You were concerned that it was real when you were kid. Now you are grown up and realize its nonsense. The same applies to home loans when you think as a kid. You are scared the recession prevents them, when in actuality it’s just like the boogie monster.

Buying a home is time consuming and intimidating, but a lot of that stress is reduced with the appropriate steps already conducted by the prospective home owner. This includes a strong credit report and proof of available funds.

Tom Martens is the content coordinator for South Arica?s leading Homeloans portal which amongst others offers Bond origination services for all major banks.

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